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Welcome to my home page and web site

My name is Wieslaw Pietruszkiewicz. I'm Assistant Professor at Szczecin Technical University (Poland) Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Use menu above to find information about me. Software section gives details about projects currently I'm working on, while research part contains info about research topics, their aims, experiments, results and handful procedures in MATLAB.

My researches activities include (but aren't limited to):

Machine learning and knowledge (data) mining,
Optimal (kalman) filtering,
Artificial intelligence,
Intelligent agents,
Expert and Decision Support Systems,
and their applications in various areas of life.

During researches I've gathered bankruptcy dataset that is available at this site. It was a demanding dataset, due to noise and ambiguous cases that proved advantage of dynamic approach over a static approach in case of machine learning.

Miscellaneous section contains various materials. There are links to people and a few useful tools. Also, if you often go off the beaten track, there is something that may interest you. You can take a look at some of my pictures.

In case you wish to get in touch with me, please look for appropriate info in 'contact' area and send me an email.