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Personal info

I graduated MSc in Computer Science from Szczecin Technical University (developing software to support portfolio investments on financial markets) in 2000. After the graduation I started to work as a lecturer at Szczecin TU. Thereafter, I began to work over PhD thesis, trying to create dynamic classifiers (based on Unscented Kalman Filters) and using them in data mining (financial crisis forecasting in particular). In a meantime I graduated MA in Finance and Banking from University of Szczecin (analysing trust funds' portfolios). In 2004 I finished researches over PhD thesis and dissertation, thereafter I received PhD degree in Computer Science late that year and I was promoted to Assistant Professor. Information about my PhD researches can be found in 'Science' section.

My scientific interests mainly are:
Machine learning and knowledge mining,
Optimal (kalman) filtering,
Artificial intelligence,
Intelligent agents,
Expert and Decision Support Systems,
and applications of all mentioned above in various areas of life.

Since I got my first computer, I loved to write programmes. Almost 20 years pasted from that day (!?!?!) since that day, computer languages changed a lot as well as my computer skills had to. I use many computer technologies like: UML, CORBA/RMI, XML. When it comes to create programmes I write in different computer languages, like: JAVA, C/C++, assembler (Intel x86 series and Motorola 68xxxx series), (C)LISP, Python, Matlab, PHP or ActionScript.

In free time my non-professional interests are: travelling (you can find some interesting photos in 'Photos' section), diving and many other activities that allow you to fully enjoy life. If you like SF books I recommend you masterpieces written by Stanislaw Lem.