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I'm working over a few ideas of scientific projects, like:

Dynamic personalization of websites via data mining - how to apply machine learning methods to get personalising website engine
Artificial Immune System Library - library that allows to create and simulate Artificial Immune Systems

Hope that soon the preleminary results will be ready enough to make them available here - so please check this section later.

I toke part in several commercial project from which a few may be mentioned:

Web-based Emission Predicting Neural Network (for PerTec Ltd. - Manchester UK)
Distant Machine Monitoring System (for Rotec Ltd. - Leicester UK)
Customer&Sale Support Tool (for Pavestone Ltd - Toddington UK)
Fleet Emission Reduction Management System (for Greenurban Technologies Ltd - Merseyside UK)

If you look for datasets for knowledge extraction, check 'Science' section where you can find appropriate financial crisis (bankruptcy) dataset.